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Kingston 128 Solid State Drive

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Kingston delivers a high-performance MLC Solid State Drive with the added bonus of an external USB Hard Drive enclosure. This kit is a great value.

BenchMark Results:
Boot Time
SSD - 55s, HDD - 72s
1.45GB File Copy
SSD - 38s, HDD - 95s
Random Access
SSD - 0.3ms, HDD - 15.4ms
CPU Utilization
SSD - 0%, HDD - 2%
Average Read
SSD - 86.6MB/s, HDD - 46.6MB/s
Sequential Read (Average)
SSD - 90MB/s, HDD - 40MB/s
Burst Speed
SSD - 123.7MB/s, HDD - 178.8MB/s